Risk Disclaimer

Int FX is the trade name of Integrate capital markets, United Kingdom and henceforth the latter will be referred to as Int FX in the forthcoming clauses

Demo Platform warning

The virtual funds you get in your demo account are intended to familiarize you with our trading platform. Any gains or losses incurred during your time in the demo environment are not indicative of results you may achieve while trading on a live platform. Access to your demo account is valid only for 30 days and you will be able to trade in a live environment only when your account has been opened and funded.

Internet trading risks

There are certain amount of risks associated with using an internet trading system which include, but not limited to, error in hardware, software crash, internet disconnection or any natural consequences such as earthquake, flood, fire, war, riot, labor disruption, accident, power failure, connecting device malfunction etc., Int FX or any of our associates cannot control the signal power, internet connectivity, performance of your equipment etc., Hence, we cannot be held responsible for any communication failure, distortion, delay. However, we will do all that we could to ensure you trade with us comfortably.

Risks of margin trading

Trading forex and bullion, particularly margin trading, involves the potential for earning profit as well as the risks of losing your money. Movements in the price of foreign exchange are influenced by a variety of factors of global origin, many of which are unpredictable and uncontrollable. Int FX margin level is 120% and the stop out level is 100%. Int FX staff cannot guarantee the accuracy of any market predictions (should they offer such predictions at all) and cannot guarantee a maximum loss that you may suffer.

General advice

Any general advice provided by us via our website or through our trading platform does not take into account your current financial situation, personal objectives and financial goals. It is advisable to familiarize yourself thoroughly before beginning to trade in Forex, CFD or Bullion as these are highly speculative and comes with certain amount of risks. Make sure you choose the right product to suit your financial situation and goals.



Int FX intends to provide clients with the best pricing available and to get all orders executed at the requested rate. However, there may be times, due to an increase in volatility or volume; orders may be subject to slippage. The volatility in the market may create conditions where orders may become difficult to execute. The concept of slippage is not new to the Forex market. Clients when processing stop orders may incur slippage depending on market conditions.

Execution Delays

A delay in execution may occur for various reasons, such as technical issues with trader’s internet connection, Int FX server may not respond due to lack of signal strength from a wireless or dialup connection. In such events, a delay in execution cannot be avoided.

Hanging orders

During high volume transactions, hanging orders may occur. It means the order has already been executed and it is simply taking few extra moments to confirm. During periods of heavy trading volume, it is possible that a queue of orders will begin to form. Please remember that it is enough if you enter any order once. Multiple entries for the same order may slow or lock your system or inadvertently open unwanted positions.

Grayed out pricing

Int FX at any cost will not intentionally ‘grey out’ prices. However, this is a condition that occurs during the opening of markets, when liquidity decreases or during weekends or when the market makers that provide pricing are not actively making a market for particular currency pair(s).

Stop Loss

A Stop loss order is nothing but a limit order. The Stop Loss order executes a deal at a relative loss, as the rate is inferior to the current market spot rate. A Stop Loss order to decrease an existing exposure (usually happens during closing of a position) is commonly* executed at the rate defined by the investor, provided there is an identical market indication to the Stop Loss rate.
* Please be advice that the scenario of executing Stop Loss at the market rate, both in cases of exposure increasing and decreasing, are more likely to happen on a daily basis to some currencies (e.g. TRY) or other instruments (e.g. commodities and indices) which are not traded 24 hours.

Rollover Costs

This term refers to the interest either charged or applied to a trader’s account for positions held “overnight” or every 48 hours (depending on the account type), meaning after Midnight (GMT) on Int FX’s Trading Station. It is important to note that the accumulative “overnight” rollover charges may be higher than the forward outright. When all positions are hedged in an account, although the overall net position may be flat, the account can still sustain losses due to the spread that occurs at the time rollover occurs.

Errors in Rates

Online trading technology is not perfect and, in rare cases, this feed can be disrupted. This may only last for a moment, but when it does, spreads often become affected. During these rare occasions, we advise you to avoid placing At Best orders. While it may be tempting to place an “arbitrage transaction”, keep in mind that the prices are not real and your actual fill may be many pips away from the displayed price. Keep in mind these instances are usually rare, and by placing Market Range orders or not trading during these moments, traders can avoid the risk associated with the above scenarios.

Trading Desk Hours

Weekly activity begins on Sunday at 20:30 hrs. GMT continuously until Friday, 21:00 hrs. GMT. Market activity hours may vary periodically due to public holidays, seasonal time adjustments, and unusual liquidity conditions arises from exceptional global events. The open or close times may also be altered by the Trading Desk because it relies on prices being offered by financial institutions that provide liquidity for Int FX. Outside of these hours, most of the major world banks and financial centers are closed. The lack of liquidity and volume during the weekend impedes execution and price delivery.


Sunday’s opening prices may or may not be the same as Friday’s closing prices. At times, the prices on the Sunday open are near where the prices were on the Friday close. At other times, there may be a significant difference between Friday’s close and Sunday’s open. The market may gap if there is a significant news announcement or an economic event changing how the market views the value of a currency. Traders holding positions or orders over the weekend should be fully comfortable with the potential of the market to gap.


Scalping is a term used to denote the "skimming" of small profits on a regular basis, by going in and out of positions several times per day. Scalping is not unlike day trading in which a trader will open a position and then close it again during the current trading session. Forex scalping system can be either manual or automated. IntFx does not allow scalping, Arbitrage and Malfunctioning systems.
If trader close the trades either BUY or SELL before 5mins will be considered as scalping trades.

Weekend Risk

Traders who fear that the markets may be extremely volatile over the weekend, that gapping may occur, or that the potential for weekend risk is not appropriate for their trading style, may simply close out orders and positions ahead of the weekend.


All the materials on this website are owned by Int FX and all rights reserved. No part of the material on this site, either in full or in parts, including but not limited to text, graphics, and html code, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without the written consent of Int FX management.
If there is anything that you do not understand, please feel free to contact our customer services team at info@intfx.co.uk

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