Frequently Ask Question?

Intfx provides its members with a world renown platform (MT4) from which they may participate on an Over The Counter (OTC) basis with a variety of financial instruments, including Forex, CFDs, Commodities and much more. In Addition intfx provides its members with a variety of tools, such as Forex News and Technical Analysis, in an effort to give its members as much information as possible to assist them when it comes to making the right trading decisions.

Intfx forayed into Forex brokerage to provide best service to active online traders of traditional web-based brokers who confronted delays in trade executions, frequent system failures, and poor customer support. Intfx does it through high-end technology products encompassing fast executions and unmatched customer service

Yes, intfx takes the responsibility under international Investment law to safeguard client interests. As an outcome, the Establishment has taken all compulsory measures to protect the safety of client funds.

Intfx receives quotes from multiple banks, partners, and pools of liquidity, so we don’t create the spreads that you see. Our customers are displayed an aggregate of these prices in real-time which are immediately available. Atintfx, there are No re-quotes, stop hunting, or any other trickery, just a fully transparent marketplace.

Integrate capital markets, Suite B,29 Harley street, London, England, W1G 9QR.

No, intfx does not have a dealing desk.

Intfx is pleased to provide 24 hour client coverage. Our highly-trained client service staffs are experienced in FX and with platform functionality. We pride ourselves on our service levels and welcome calls from our clients.

1. How can I sign up for a demo account?

You can sign for a demo account by filling the online Demo registration form on our website.

2. How long is the demo trial?

Your Demo Account will remain open for 30 days. If you would like to extend your demo account or open another one, please contact our Support department.

3. What is the difference between Demo and Live Accounts?

Demo and live accounts have the same functional capabilities. However, profits and losses on a demo account are not real as you trade with virtual money therefore no financial risk is involved.

4. Why do you need a valid email address for demo registration?

We require a valid email because our automated system will send you sensitive information. The system is also designed to prevent bogus automated registrations from spambots. Please note that the registration system is not compatible with temporary email providers.

5. Do you share my data with any third parties that I submit during demo registration?

All demo user's data collected is securely stored in our servers. We don't share any of your personal data with any third parties. For more information please read our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions.

6. I've just registered, but I haven't received any email from you. What should I do?

Did you check spam/junk email folder? This is the place where most of the times automated emails end up. If still after 15 minutes you haven't received any email from us, and you are sure you have spelled your email correctly during registration, you may try to register one more time. If you’re still having trouble you may contact us for assistance and we can manually activate your account.s

7. How can I continue my Demo trading after 30-days Demo account period?

Integer FX Demo accounts are available on a 30-day trial basis. Please contact our Support team if you wish to extend your 30-day Demo account period.

1. How do I open a Live Account?

Open a Live Account? button is available on hover of all menu tabs. You can find that below “Start Trading Now?. You can register for anintfx Live account with our simple and convenient, online application. You can complete your profile with necessary account, financial, trading information, document submissions inside Client login (cabinet).

2. I just completed the profile, when can I start funding?

You will be aware of the status of the application usually within 24-48 hours from the moment we have received your complete application and identification documents. You can start funding from Client log-in once your account has been approved.

3. Is your online application secure?

Yes, our application link is on a secure site. All information is kept confidential with us.

4. Why do you need information about my financial background and investment experience?

We collect information regarding your financial background and investment experience for our records and for regulatory reasons. This should not affect your application and you can be sure that all information is held safely.

5. Can I change my application form after it has been submitted?

If you need to amend any information on the application form, please contact our Support Department.

6. How long does it take to open a Live Account?

On average the process takes a couple of days. Once the documents have been submitted, we should contact you within 1 business day. If you do not get any reply within 3 working days, please send an email to to confirm that we have received your documents.

7. How do I know if my account has been opened?

Once your account has been opened, you will receive an email fromintfx with instructions for logging into the platform. You will also know the status of your application and account number inside the Client login. You can fund your account from “Deposit Funds? section of Client login.

8. Can I open more than an account in Client login?

Yes. You can open any number of available account types from Client login just by using “Open an Account? button in the dashboard.

9. Can I open a joint account?

p>Yes, you can open a joint account. To do so, please specify that you wish to open a joint account during the Online Account Opening Process. You will need to submit the filled in joint application form (downloadable) along with supporting documents. If you need any help filling out an application or you have further questions please email us

10. Do you offer corporate/business accounts?

Yes, we provide corporate accounts. Please specify that you wish to open a corporate account during the Online Account Opening Process. The downloadable Corporate form is to be filled and submitted along with necessary documents to

11. Do you offer managed accounts?

Yes, we do offer managed accounts. You can run multiple client accounts using just an ordinary MetaTrader4 Client Terminal in a simple, intuitive way.

12. What account types does intfx offer?

We offer separate accounts for MT4 and swap-free accounts. To view the full list of Accounts offered please see Accounts Types section under MetaTrader menus.

13. What is the minimum initial deposit to open a Live Account?

p>For a Classic MT4 account, the minimum initial deposit is $100. You can also open a Premium MT4 account for $10000.

14. How can I change my account information?

You can email to requesting the change with the proper proof of the new: bank statement, credit card statement, or utility bill for proof of new address, and bank statement for new banking information being uploaded inside the Client login.

15. Do you offer mobile trading?

Yes we offer a mobile trading platform for MetaTrader 4 including iOS, Android and Windows mobiles.

1. What funding methods do you offer?

Please see our Deposit of Funds page for complete information.

2. What currencies can I use to fund my account?

You can deposit funds in any of the 3 major currencies namely USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound).

3. Does intfx accept wire transfers?

Yes, you can fund yourintfx trading account by bank wire transfer.

4. How can I request a withdrawal?

In order to withdraw your funds, submit your Withdrawal request in Client Cabinet or you can download the withdrawal form. Please log in to your Client login and click ‘Withdraw Funds’ button and choose your Withdrawals and submit your withdrawal details in the respective Payment Option.

5. How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

Normal transfer takes about 2-3 days while express transfers happen within 1-2 days.

6. Can I withdraw my money if I have an open position(s)?

Yes, you can. However at the moment of payment, your free margin must exceed the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction including all payment charges. Free margin is calculated as equity less necessary margin (required to maintain an open position). If you do not have sufficient free margin in your trading account we will not carry out the withdrawal request until you submit a corrected withdrawal form and/or close the open positions in your account.

7. What are the deposit and withdrawal terms you follow?

You can refer our funding terms and conditions to know in detail.

1. What kind of partnerships are available?

We offer Introducing Broker, Regional Representative, Fund Manager, White Label partnership programs. We would also consider other partnerships like web masters, signal providers, etc.

2. What is necessary to becomeintfx Introducing Broker (IB)?

In order to become intfx Introducing Broker it is necessary to fill out an IB registration form, sign IB Agreement and open up an individual or corporate account which will be used for IB payouts.

3. How long does the IB approval process take place?

All IBs must go through the standard approval procedure. IB review and setup is usually completed within 1 week.

4. What is the average payout level for IBs?

Intfx offers competitive partnership terms by sharing its spread revenue with IBs. Eligible partners can do a spread mark-up or charge additional commissions subject tointfx approval.

5. For which trading platforms can IBs solicit clients and get commissions on?

Currently, IBs can solicit clients to open trading accounts on A MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

6. What information is available for IBs in the Partner Cabinet?

IBs can see the commission in real-time for each trade for each assigned client. IBs can see the list of all newly introduced clients.

7. Does intfx offer Islamic accounts?

Islamic accounts are available for partners from Islamic countries only.

8. What is the payout schedule for IB commissions?

All IBs are compensated on a monthly basis. The accrued Rebates are deposited directly to the IB’s live trading account and can be withdrawn at any point of time.

9. How are clients assigned to a particular IB?

The clients are assigned using a unique IB link that is generated upon partner approval. If client submits a live account application using this unique link all client’s trading accounts will be automatically assigned to this IB.

10. How can I reassign a client if he did not follow the unique link or failed to indicate Introducing Broker unique ID number while applying for trading account

If during the application process client did not fill out the IB unique code or did not follow the unique registration link, in order for the client to be assigned under IB, client must sign the Partner Assignment Form and specify the partner unique ID number within the 30 days after the application.

No clients past due can be re-assigned. IB commissions will start accumulating only from the moment the client has been assigned.

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