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We are one of the pioneers in transparent online forex trading. Our aim is to bring more transparency between the markets, brokers and traders so the gap is closed for good. Many traders and Institutions are in the dilemma of between the devil and the sea of choosing the right broker for their trading needs and fund safety.

Keeping this as our motto, we at the intfx has come a long way to bridge this gap by providing the traders with the most advanced tools, strong platforms with zero delay in executions, cutting edge technologies, live news updates, technical analysis, secured client portals and dashboards, safest banking systems and payment gateways, star rated customer support, dedicated managers, confidentiality and many moreā€¦.


Work With Top Forex Companies For Competent Trading

The trading is the money making game that calls for the right moves to be made at the right time. The traders many times indulge in efficient trading practices but they lack on the correct direction given by the market experts. The forecast high/low is also not predicted well without the support from the expert broker company. The trader should therefore indulge into trading with top forex companies to make their trading work for good returns on their investments. The following points can be considered while selecting the top forex companies for your trading needs.


The prime motto of the company is to satisfy its customers and to help them in every aspect to get a profitable return for the funds they are being..


Round the Clock customer support

Customer support and guidance is the key requirement for new traders and many experienced traders may also require this .


Trade your own way

The online brokers would eliminate any middle man in the transaction. The trader gets full control on the trading platform and thus he can make the trading decisions


Support all major currency pairs

Intfx supports all the major currencies of the world including the exotics not to mentions all the major Indices and CFDs thus enabling you.

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